It is holiday greeting card time!

Tis the season to remember friends and family, whether across the street or across the globe. Be nice to those on your mailing list who may have low vision, and consider using a font with consistent stroke widths, open counterforms, and pronounced ascenders and descenders to make reading easier for them. Three fonts you may already be familiar with that have these features are; Century Schoolbook, Arial, and Frutiger Bold.

But an even better font option may be APHont™ (pronounced Ay’-font). It was developed by the American Printing House (APH) for the Blind, specifically for low vision readers. It embraces the features found most readable by people with low vision, and when magnified, it maintains its integrity. If you are a person with low vision, or wish to send written communication to someone who is, the entire APHont Suite is available free-of-charge from the APH.

American Printing House for the Blind's typeface APHont.
Visual Representation of the APHont alphabet and numbers
So, to increase your niceness score this season, click here to get APHont™! If you meet the criteria of a qualified user as defined by the APH, download the font and make your messages for those experiencing low vision more readable. I promise, they will thank you for it.

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