We can all agree that time is something that we do not have in excess. Being as productive and efficient as possible is important. Today we look at a free piece of software that aims to make things easier for someone lacking time or more importantly those that have a difficult time with keystrokes and mouse input because of  dexterity difficulty or a repetitive strain injury.

TinyTask  is best at doing things that you do on a regular basis but may take several steps, clicks, or keystrokes to complete. For example, one way that I save information when doing research online is to email myself web pages. Without TinyTask I open a new tab, log in to my email of choice, click to compose a new email, enter the email address to send to, copy/paste the website address, enter  a subject, and finally click on send. If using a Google Chrome extension I can get it down to  clicking  four times and inserting text twice. With TinyTask I only have to click once! And we all know those clicks add up fast.

This is another example of a solution that is only limited by one’s creativity. Check out TinyTask being used below with the understanding that after the icon is selected on the taskbar, TinyTask does all the rest.

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