Image of the TacType adhesive iPad keyboardI may be dating myself with this disclosure, but I learned to type before keyboards, and have been an avid touch-typist ever since. I am most proficient when resting on home row, and need the tactile information provided by the keys themselves to know where I am and where I need to go.

Fast-forward to the iPad and its virtual keyboard. Gone is the ability to rest on home row, and the tactile key clues I rely on for speed and accuracy. Virtual keyboards on tablet devices have inadvertently reduced my inputting skills to the not so-speedy hunt and peck method. This has negatively impacted my desire to use the iPad as my go-to device.

Enter the TacType an iPad keyboard overlay! It weighs less than an ounce and fits over the virtual keyboard turning it into a real keyboard in seconds. Simple to use, easy to transport, and it eliminates the need for an external keyboard with Bluetooth. This adhesive keyboard provides boundaries for the needed tactile information, provides a home row resting place that does not result in a key action, and even provides an auditory click when keys are selected. With the TacType I can take advantage of all the features and portability offered on an iPad and continue to keyboard with proficiency!

This very simple, affordable solution may be the answer for a touch-typist in your life trying to make the switch to virtual keyboarding. It may also be useful for a person with low vision to help with correct finger placement, or someone needing auditory feedback when keys are pressed. If you wonder if it might be an option for you, drop by one of IPAT’s demo centers and try it out, then let us know what you think.

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