picture of the iBill currency reader by orbitUnder the U.S. Currency Reader Program, U.S. citizens or persons legally residing in the U.S. and its territories who are blind or visually impaired can obtain a currency reader device at no cost.

The currency reader, known as the iBill® Talking Banknote Identifier, is compact in size, easy to use, and provides a response within just a few seconds. A user simply inserts a Federal Reserve note into the device, presses a button on the side, and the reader identifies the denomination. The device operates on a standard AAA battery and can read U.S. currency in circulation today. The reader can be set to indicate the note’s denomination by voice, a pattern of tones or series of vibrations.

To see and hear the iBill® in action, watch this YouTube video.

If you have a qualifying vision loss, increase your ability to use money independently by using this simple AT device. To apply for a reader, an individual must fill out an application, which is available on the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s website at http://www.bep.gov/uscurrencyreaderform.html.

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