Communicating with friends and family is an important part of life. For individuals who have a hearing impairment, communication on the phone can be discouraging, and for those with a significant hearing loss a traditional phone may not work at all. The CapTel phone by Ultratec, Inc. provides a way for individuals to read what the person on the other end of the line is saying instead of hearing it. No special equipment is needed to use the phone as the user just plugs into a phone line, selects that they want to receive captions of the other party speaking, and dials the number.  The 7” LCD display allows for easy customizing of screen color and font size with straight forward yes or no questions. Multiple lines of text can be read during the call and can be automatically saved for review later. Voice messages can be captioned as well with the use of the phone. Other options for captioned calling are available, to include mobile phones, tablets and computers: WebCapTel


Take a look at the video below for a better idea of how it works and the impact it can make for an individual. This could be the difference of whether or not someone can continue to live in their home safely: See 99-year-old woman uses technology 


The person in your life with a hearing loss may be able to benefit from assistive technology to include this phone and others at no cost! Check out the ND Telephone program for those having difficulty using the phone: ND Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Service





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