ChairliftDo you know someone who has trouble going up and down stairs? A case manager in northwestern North Dakota did and contacted IPAT for help. An older gentleman she was working with was no longer able to safely use the stairs in his home, and as a consequence was at risk for an out of home placement. No one wanted to see him have to leave his home, but realized that something needed to be done to make using the stairs safer for him. His case manager called IPAT and learned of various options.

After discussion, a stairlift was determined to be a good fit, as it met the needs of the individual and would work in the space available. Unfortunately, typical funding sources denied coverage, and family resources were limited, so the purchase of a new stairlift system was out. When it looked like all was going to come to nothing, the  case manager remembered IPAT’s online equipment exchange program, AT4ALL. She searched the site and located a used stairlift that would meet the need. The family purchased it, had it installed, and their dad is now able to remain home and use the stairs safely. To see if there is an AT answer to a problem you are having, or to be that answer, look for and list used AT equipment at AT4ALL.

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