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Voice Isolating Microphone

June 6, 2019

Recently I was looking for voice amplification for a person with Parkinson’s disease and came across the Stenomask as an option for those who are using speech recognition programs.  A Stenomask is a noise-canceling, voice isolating microphone.  This device kind of resembles a gas mask that fits over a person’s mouth.

A photo of a stenomask. It looks a lot like a small triangular black device with rubber end to put up against your mouth.


So what does it do?

The Stenomask has been used for years for people who are working in courtrooms or others who need to use their voice but don’t want anyone to hear.  More and more people are using speech recognition programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Google Voice Typing, Apple Diction, or Windows 10 Speech Recognition Software.  Using these programs can really assist someone with a physical disability or learning disability who needs to use their voice for speech to text.

In what circumstance would a person need this technology?

It might be that your office space is crowded and the need for privacy is high; it might be that you have a very soft voice and need to eliminate all background noise, or it might be that you need this device in a classroom for notes or assignments without disturbing those around you.

Below are two options for a noise-canceling, voice isolating microphones:

If a person would need to use one of these devices, it could get fatiguing to hold the mask to your mouth, so there is an option with the Stenomask for a hands-free strap that goes around the head or also a Steno hands-free stand for $159.  I also found a video on YouTube where a man made his own hand-free stand.


So if you find yourself in a position where you need to use a speech to text program in a noisy environment or need privacy, a voice isolating microphone such as a Stenomask may be what you need.

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