home first logoThe IPAT Home First program was born from the idea that individuals want to age in the home of their choosing. This 2010 study done by AARP states that of those surveyed, 73% have this goal.  When factoring in the idea that the majority of people want to stay in their home and also looking at the average monthly cost of long term care, finding a way to make your home work  as your needs change is important. 

The Home First consultation is simple in theory but provides an in-depth approach to keeping individuals not only safe, but also happy in their current home. This article is intended to give you an idea of the process of the consultation to help you determine if this is something for you or those you know.

The Home First Consultation consists of two elements: Interview/Demonstration and Recommendations.


The first step is the interview that takes place between IPAT staff and the individual(s) hoping to make their home work for them again or in the future. Information will have been gathered beforehand so that IPAT staff has background information to work with and can also bring possible technology devices to try. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to take part in this exercise as they may have insight into present difficulties and may also provide a different perspective than the individual. The interview will look at current and potential challenges with the home, in relation to the individual’s needs.  Interview questions will center on daily tasks that the individual needs or wants to perform like using the bathroom, meal preparation, or movement in and out of the house. Other topics include staying in touch with others by way of the phone or computer, and recreational activities like reading or playing games. The interview is how challenges are identified and then prioritized for addressing in the recommendations stage. During the interview process the individual may be asked to demonstrate tasks like how they currently enter and exit the bath or know when someone is at their front door. This approach will help the IPAT staff provide better service.


The next step is to make recommendations. IPAT staff work from the information provided in the interview to make technology recommendations. The recommendations are provided by way of a report that details the information gathered, to include: the equipment or strategy recommendation, rationale for the recommendation, and purchase information.

Once the consultation is complete the process does not necessarily end. Other IPAT services can enhance the outcome of this process, to include the following:

Equipment Rental

One of the big benefits to working with IPAT is that the individual may have the opportunity to try devices before deciding to purchase outright. With IPAT’s equipment rental program the ability to make an informed decision before purchasing is a great advantage.

Funding Options

Acquiring equipment can sometimes be difficult because of a lack of funds. IPAT has many funding options to consider for the equipment recommendations from the telephone program, senior safety program, Pedaling for Possibilities, AT Loan Program, and also stays current of outside funding sources too.

Setup and Training

As with any technology, the end-user must be comfortable with using it and understand how it works. IPAT can provide setup and also train the end-user to be successful with the equipment.

For more information about any IPAT service feel free to visit the website, email, or give us a call to get started.

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