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What’s a Great Way to Remember Something? Naturally it’s Apps!

March 7, 2013

One of the great things about mobile technology is the ability to have information at your finger tips when you need it. For someone with cognitive deficiencies the availability of information, reminders, and notifications is critical to staying independent. The focus of this article is to give you an idea of the assistive technology apps  that are  possible to help someone stay independent while also providing a way for caregivers to make sure those in their care are safe.

The options for staying on top of daily activities can be as detailed or simplified as the care team sees fit and a scaffolding approach when introducing new technologies is always the preferred approach. Apps available can be very specific to a task, like taking medication, or general for something like a daily task list. The examples below provide an introduction to this idea but in no way are the only options available. If you have a person in mind that could benefit from this type of assistive technology, feel free to contact IPAT to explore this further.


MedMinder (Android) MedMinder provides a way to schedule medication reminders and notifications throughout the day.

Evernote: (iOS, Android, Windows) Evernote is the best known of all the organization apps. The ability to sync notes, pictures, and videos make this an all in one solution for those that have a hard time remembering information. The user can take a picture and add a note for retrieval later.

Alarmed (iOS)   This app provides reminders and also timers that can be customized for any user.

Reminders (iOS) Reminders is an app that is pre-installed into the Apple operating system and provides a simplified way of keeping track of to-do’s.

Cozi (iOS, Android, Windows)   Cozi is labled as a family organization tool to provide for to-do lists, calendars, and reminders. The beauty of this app is that you can sync several users to be able to use one calendar. When one person adds something to the calendar it is synced with all users automatically. On the Android side the option for a widget makes information available to users with only having to turn on the device.

It’s Done!  (iOS)  It’s Done! is an app that let’s you schedule events for single use or recurring events. The interface for the app makes it user friendly for those scheduling tasks and also the end user. A nice feature is that you can have the app alert someone via text message, email, or both when an event has been checked off.


Not sure if an Apple or Android device is the right answer? Check out our blog post on Android vs. Apple.

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