The word is out, you’ve heard it on TV, radio and even read about it on this blog site – Americans want to remain in their own homes as they age. The problem is, very few of them or their families are acting to make alterations in their homes to accommodate age-related changes in abilities. As a consequence of this oversight or act of procrastination, they have to leave their environment of choice for a more restrictive one.

The picture to the left highlights a common barrier to remaining at home – stairs, both inside and out. If a home has existing stairs/steps, is there a way to create a step-free entry, add a stair-lift, or reconfigure the home to make using the stairs unnecessary? If so, make that Plan B. Then budget, plan and implement it before you need it. Your foresight will allow living in your home as you age a reality.

I offer this thought provoking piece I found on the Aging in Place website as the kick-start you might need to begin making those changes. It is tongue in cheek, but certainly offers food for thought. Take a minute to read through “Jail vs Nursing Home: Let’s put the seniors in jail, the criminals in nursing homes,” and then think about yourself, or someone you love who is aging. If these thoughts spur you to action, remember IPAT’s Home First services can help you get started on a Plan B, a simple phone call will do 800-895-4728. Act now to avoid a fate worse than jail by being proactive; and remain home long past today!

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