Windows 8 has proved to be an either love it or hate it experience for users. Just do an internet search with “Windows 8 love or hate” and you will get the full picture of this ongoing debate. What we are focused on  is whether Windows 8 provides accessibility features that are user-friendly and work for those that need it. The following links provide information on the built in features, tutorials provided by Microsoft, and also a user’s perspective on the accessibility features for those with vision loss. If you have experiences, good or bad, that you would like to share with the community be sure to comment below.

Overview of features available provided by the Friendship Circle blog:

Accessibility features in Windows 8 for individuals with special needs


Microsoft tutorials :

Windows 8 accessibility tutorials


Mardon Erbland  provides a user review at beta news:

How good are Windows 8 accessibility features for the blind 




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