Not everyone has legible handwriting, and sadly I fall into that category! However, for individuals with dysgraphia or other disabilities impacting writing, it is not just messy handwriting, it is a processing disorder that makes writing difficult over a lifetime.

Here is a story of how a 5th grader with dysgraphia was being held hostage by a worksheet. He knew the material, but could not write his answers in the space provided quickly or neatly enough to be successful. This resulted in frustration and, more significantly, falling behind academically. While receiving occupational therapy (OT) services, the OT in-training noted his difficulty. She decided there must be a better way for him to express what he knew, and set out to find it. When nothing appropriate for elementary school students was found, she decided to create it!

Working with a developer, they created SnapType for Occupational Therapy, a FREE app available through iTunes. This app allows a student to take a picture of any worksheet or workbook page with an iPad, and then add text using the iPad’s virtual keyboard, an external keyboard, finger, or stylus.

For the student who served as the inspiration, using the keyboard took the processing disorder out of the equation – he could input quickly and his letters were always legible. Problem solved!

Since learning about this app, IPAT staff have explored its features and appreciate its simplicity and versatility. While working with a high school student last month with writing difficulties, we demonstrated SnapType. Both the student and her mom saw its potential for completing classroom assignments immediately.

It really is as simple as snap the picture, type or write the answer. If you would like to explore this option further, IPAT has this app loaded on an iPad and ready for you to try through our Equipment Loan Program.