The Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Services (TEDS), also known as the Specialized Phone program, is designed to provide specialized telecommunications equipment to meet the needs of individuals who are communications impaired and who might be otherwise disadvantaged in their ability to obtain equipment to easily and independently use a standard phone.

ND Assistive contracts with the ND Department of Human Services, Aging Services Division, to implement the Specialized Phone program. The funds for equipment, client services, and administration for the Specialized Phone program are provided through a telephone access line surcharge.

Man in wheelchair smiling. Quote that states, "Now I can make my own phone calls without having to depend on someone else."

Who is Eligible?

North Dakota residents age 5 and over who:

  • Have difficulty using the telephone because of a severe hearing, speech, or physical impairment;
  • Currently, have or are in the process of getting a landline or cellular phone service; and
  • Meet income criteria.

How to Apply

  • Individuals must complete the application for the Specialized Phone program
    • Per request, ND Assistive can send out applications in the mail to interested individuals
    • The application can be downloaded from this page (see the bottom of the page). Choose one.
  • Individuals must complete the Condition of Acceptance form included in the application

For questions please contact Courtney Ness-Fuchs at 800.895.4728 or email her at


Specialized Phone program Frequently Asked Questions: Download
2018 Specialized Phone program Application-Accessible: Download
2018 Specialized Phone program Application Fillable: Download
2018 Specialized Phone program Application LARGE PRINT Fillable: Download