North Dakota weather has caused many gardeners to put off planting until it warms up; however, we know that summer sunshine is coming!

The team at ND Assistive has started to hear from people who want to see if they still have a green thumb. Some want to try gardening but struggle with a limitation which makes traditional gardening techniques a barrier. Others have enjoyed gardening for years, and now it is too difficult to continue without some adjustments.

One inexpensive addition to the gardening shed can be simple knee pads. Since they are attached, you can move from row to row in your garden without picking up a kneeling pad.  Did you know there was a Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat? This cool garden scooter offers a swiveling tractor seat that can adjust to different heights with large tires can help people who can’t kneel or bend over for long periods.

Smiling middle aged lady wearing purple shirt sitting on blue garden seat on black wheeled garden scooter on a sidewalk between lush green plants

Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat

Man wearing plaid shirt with grey shorts kneeling down pruning red flowers in a brown large pot on black base with 4 wheels

Garden Pot on Wheeled Base

For those who can’t manage a large backyard garden, maybe a few large pots on a wheeled stand will allow a few vegetable plants or flowers to come in and out of the garage as the weather patterns change.

For those who live in an apartment, smaller flower boxes may work great on a patio.

Many styles of raised gardens are popular when tackling a full garden is overwhelming.

Middle ages man in blue shirt and jeans sitting in wheel chair is working with plants in a raised garden on a sidewalk next to a house

Wheelchair Accessible Raised Garden

If you know a gardener who felt they had to stop their hobby due to arthritis or neuropathy, which caused them to be unable to hold the standard gardening tools, share the good news that there are adapted gardening tools. One website even sells Easi-Grip Add-On Handles that can be attached to make any garden tool adaptable for most people to continue with their outdoor passions.

Garden tool with easy grip add on handle attached

Easi-Grip Add-On Handle

Older lady using adapted gardening tool outside near flower bed while standing on green grass

Adapted Garden Tool

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