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Whether you are an individual with a disability or someone providing care, we can help you find solutions to make things a little easier and more successful.

Assessments & Consultations

At ND Assistive, our assessments are personalized one-on-one sessions with our committed Assistive Technology Consultants. Our specialists will work closely with you to identify the most suitable technology solutions, discuss funding, and plan the necessary steps to meet your unique needs.

Equipment Programs

We offer diverse services that allow you to explore assistive technology. From our Demonstration Centers to our Short-Term Equipment Trial Program, we want to provide you with the information and confidence to select the right solutions for your needs.

Specialized Phone Program

Our Specialized Phone Program connects individuals with telecommunication devices that can help them overcome communication challenges. Whether due to visual, hearing, cognitive, or speech impairment from aging or disability, qualifying individuals can find new ways to stay connected to the world and their loved ones.

iCanConnect Program

In collaboration with iCanConnect, we are able to offer solutions for people facing significant hearing and vision challenges. Through free equipment and training, we aim to not only enhance meaningful connections but also combat isolation and nurture inclusivity within communities, families, and friendships.

Senior Safety Program

ND Assistive’s Senior Safety program prioritizes the safety of aging individuals and empowers their independence. Qualifying North Dakotans can receive home safety devices and professional setup assistance, providing optimal safety and peace of mind.

Our team is passionate about what they do and ready to help!

“I want people to be aware of the many assistive devices that can help them live better, more safely and stay connected to others more easily through the many tools ND Assistive is able to share information about.”

Beth Olson, ND Assistive Ambassador
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