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For individuals affected by memory loss, traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, or other cognitive limitations – everyday tasks can become hurdles. At ND Assistive, we believe that unlocking potential and fostering independence is essential. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to connecting individuals with assistive technology that alleviates cognitive hurdles and transforms challenges into triumphs.

    • Is responsive to the consumer
    • Includes persons with all disabilities and across all ages in every aspect of the program
    • Seeks meaningful consumer involvement at all levels of the project
    • Provides statewide access to assistive technology and services
    • Addresses assistive technology issues involving all settings (home, work, school, community, and play)
    • Collaboratively develops a long-range statewide plan for assistive technology in North Dakota
Text-to-Speech Software

Text-to-speech software helps to make reading easier by audibly translating information – making it more understandable, accessible, and enjoyable.

Recorded Textbooks
  • Recorded textbooks help make learning a journey of exploration, not frustration, by bringing learning to life – allowing the user to absorb information at their own pace and convenience.
Voice Recognition Software:
  • Voice recognition software transforms spoken words into written text, bringing ideas to life without the barriers of typing or writing.
Recording Devices for Notes
  • Recording devices help capture information and preserve thoughts in the moment, providing a simple and effective way to take notes that makes sure valuable insights and ideas are never lost.
Mobile Devices for Tasks and Scheduling
  • Mobile devices can help manage tasks, appointments, and schedules with ease – helping to stay organized even on the busiest days.

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