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At ND Assistive, we help people from all walks and stages of life find new levels of independence. Our goal is to support aging (elderly) individuals in continuing to participate independently in activities and tasks while maintaining safety and comfort in their own homes. 

Through the power of assistive technology, we work with individuals and families to provide options that can help them extend their time at home while ensuring their security.


    • Is responsive to the consumer
    • Includes persons with all disabilities and across all ages in every aspect of the program
    • Seeks meaningful consumer involvement at all levels of the project
    • Provides statewide access to assistive technology and services
    • Addresses assistive technology issues involving all settings (home, work, school, community, and play)
    • Collaboratively develops a long-range statewide plan for assistive technology in North Dakota
Door Alarms

Door alarms serve as vigilant guardians by triggering an alert when a loved one (dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.) leaves the house, helping ensure their safety.

Locked/Timed Medication Dispensers
  • Medication Dispensers with timers and locks ensure medications are taken at the right times, giving peace of mind.
Offset Door Hinges
  • Offset door hinges can improve living space accessibility by widening doorways without extensive construction.
Voice-Activated Home Automation
  • Voice-activated home automation can effortlessly control environments and surroundings, providing a seamless and convenient living experience.

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