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A younger woman sits at a table with her cell phone and signing to someone on her laptop computer.

Expressing ourselves, sharing ideas, and connecting with others and those around us – communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. Communication disabilities or impairments (whether from accidents, illnesses, hearing loss, or developmental challenges) can often lead to frustration and feelings of exclusion. At ND Assistive, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to connect with others and have a voice. Our mission is to bridge the gap and restore the joy of connection through technology.

ND Assistive is committed to empowering individuals with the tools they need to share their stories and engage with the world.

    • Is responsive to the consumer
    • Includes persons with all disabilities and across all ages in every aspect of the program
    • Seeks meaningful consumer involvement at all levels of the project
    • Provides statewide access to assistive technology and services
    • Addresses assistive technology issues involving all settings (home, work, school, community, and play)
    • Collaboratively develops a long-range statewide plan for assistive technology in North Dakota
Portable Voice Amplifiers

Address a small group or be heard in a larger setting by using a portable voice amplifier – ensuring the message reaches its audience loud and clear.

Text and Symbol-Based Devices and Software
  • Text-to-speech software transforms words on a page into audible information, taking away the stress or strain of reading the fine print.
Text-to-Speech Devices and Software:
  • Text-to-speech devices and software step in to transform text into spoken expressions, making sure every voice can be heard.
Mobile Applications:
  • Communication apps for mobile devices like iPads and smartphones empower users to stay connected and express themselves on the go.

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