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Assessments & Consultations

Laryngectomee support group

ND Assistive’s assessments & consultations involve a systematic process in which our Assistive Technology Consultants work one-on-one with a professional organization’s client to help them determine:

  • What assistive technology will best fit their client’s needs
  • Who is responsible for the funding of that equipment
  • What follow-up tasks are needed for successful implementation of the assistive technology recommended

Provided with an assessment or consultation is a detailed report professionals can refer to when making a justification for funding, seeking clarification in the assistive technology recommended, and for use in the future if their client’s needs change.

Our assistive technology evaluations cover equipment for a variety of assistive technology needs including (but not limited to):

  • Computer access
  • Vision and hearing
  • Home and building access
  • Health and safety
  • Daily living
  • Communication equipment
  • Learning and development

For more information about the Assessments & Consultations process and its fees, please call and ask to speak with an Assistive Technology Consultant.

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