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What Can We Help You With?

Support for every person, every journey.


For individuals with minor vision impairments to blindness.


For those who are hard of hearing or experiencing deafness.


For people experiencing speech disorders, hearing loss, and more.


For those affected by memory loss, learning disabilities, and more.


For aging individuals looking to maintain their independence, safety, etc.

Daily Living

For environment, computer, recreation, transportation, and mobility solutions.

Solutions for Every Need

Knowing where to start is the most difficult part of the assistive technology journey. That is why ND Assistive is here to act as a personal guide to help the people we serve confidently navigate the assistive technology acquisition process. From start to finish, we help the people we serve decide what assistive technology devices and services they need to do the things they want to do, when and where they want to do them!

ND Assistive also offers programs that can help connect people with assistive technology, sometimes for little to no cost.

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