Man holding pill box with a pill in his hand.The Assistive Safety Device Distribution Service program, also known as the Senior Safety program, is designed to assist those with aging-related disabilities remain safe in their homes through the use of assistive safety devices. Eligible North Dakota residents can receive assistive safety devices (up to $300 worth) that will help increase safety and independence. If needed, equipment installation may also be provided.

Who is Eligible?

Any North Dakota resident, age 60 or over, who is not living in a skilled nursing facility is eligible for this program. However, the Senior Safety program gives priority to the following:

  • Individuals with greatest economic need (low-income);
  • Individuals living in rural areas;
  • Individuals with the greatest social need;
  • Individuals with severe disabilities;
  • Individuals with limited English proficiency;
  • Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders with neurological and organic brain dysfunction and their caretakers; and
  • Older individuals at risk for institutional placement.

Please note that funding for this program is a limited financial resource through the Older Americans Act. Preference will be given to those who fall within the priority funding areas first.

How to Apply

Apply via mail, email, or fax:

This project is supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Community Living, Administration on Aging, and granted through the North Dakota Department of Human Services, Aging Services Division.