Reva Kautz, Marketing Director, holding photo dialer telephone

I have been surprised about all that I am learning as a new team member at ND Assistive.  My name is Reva Kautz, and I have the role of Marketing Director.  I started working at the Bismarck Demonstration Center on December 6, 2021.  Before working at ND Assistive, I felt I had an idea of what services were offered, since I had attended a couple of presentations over the years.  However, now that I have been on staff for a couple of months, I realize I didn’t understand the many amazing ways how this nonprofit could benefit North Dakota residents and their family caregivers.

  1. There are so many cool gadgets!  I am amazed as I learn about the devices and tools that have been invented over the years, all to solve a problem.  My eyes bug out and my mouth drops and I am frequently exclaiming, “What!?  I didn’t know this existed!”
  2. The individual with a challenge or disability, can possibly receive the assistive tool we demonstrate at NO COST! (after a simple application to confirm they qualify for our program.)  That is great news for the family caregiver who is already spending lots of time and money to help their loved one.
  3. Many family caregivers are unsure which device or assistive tool will work for their loved one with a disability.  ND Assistive has a short-term loan program so an individual can try it first, and then decide if it assists them with the goal of increasing their independence.
  4. Our agency has been serving individuals with disabilities for 29 years already.  In my new role, I ask people if they have ever heard about ND Assistive before.  A majority of the people in my community say they never knew this nonprofit even existed.  I have a lot of work ahead of me to increase public awareness of our great services and programs throughout the whole state.
  5. I was surprised that we serve individuals of all ages, not just people in their golden years.  We help kids struggling in school due to autism and young adults wanting to be successful in the workplace.  I’m thrilled to share that ND Assistive is for anyone struggling to be more independent as they navigate their specific challenges.

If you are also surprised after reading these points, then maybe it is time to give North Dakota Assistive a call at 1-800-895-4728.  Please make an appointment with one of our Assistive Technology Consultants so we can investigate how to help you or someone you care for.  Check out all services provide by ND Assistive at our website.

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