Kemo and her dog

Thanks to Possibility Makers like you and your Giving Hearts Day donations last year, Kemo, Shirley, Mark, John, Myron, Cathy, and 26 other people received assistive technology (AT) through the Possibilities Fund to help them live fuller, safer, more independent lives.  From March 2018-February 2019, the funds raised provided equipment such as:

  • An assistive listening device for someone with a Hearing Loss, so she can hear her family again;
  • A Braille display for someone who is Blind, so he can “see” the computer screen;
  • An automatic door opener for someone with a Spinal Cord Injury, so he can independently enter and exit his home;
  • A video magnifier for someone who is Blind, so she can read items such as her mail, pill bottles, and newspaper;
  • A flashing notification system for someone who is Deaf,  so she can be alerted to the doorbell, phone calls, and smoke alarms;
  • A ramp for someone with Paralysis due to a stroke, so he can leave his home whenever he wants;
  • A bathtub lift for someone with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, so she can take a bath again; and
  • A smart home system for someone with advanced Muscular Dystrophy, so she can control her front door lock, lights, TV, and more!

HOWEVER, we had to turn people away this year, so more funds are needed!  

This is where YOU come in. 

Donate to ND Assistive on Giving Hearts Day, this Thursday, February 14, 2019,

or schedule your donation today!


Remember technology can make everyone’s lives easier,

but for people with disabilities, technology makes things possible!

Esther R sitting in her lift chair. She is smiling and holding a bouquet of pink flowers. She has short dark hair and is wearing a lilac cardigan with a calf length black skirt.

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