Bridging a Temporary Gap

Assistive technology can provide valuable temporary accommodation following surgery or during an illness.  Below are three real-life examples of how assistive technology helped bridge a temporary gap.

Example 1: Back Surgery

A 36-year-old had minor back surgery.  During his 6-week recovery, he was not able to bend, twist, or lift more than 5 pounds.  These were big changes in function for a 6’4″ 200lb guy who has worked construction for the last 20 years.  Here is some of the AT he used to help bridge this temporary gap:

  • Bed rail
  • Reacher
  • Sock aid
  • Long-handled shoehorn
  • Long-handled sponge
  • Smart plugs to turn on lamps and fans
  • Roomba robot vacuum

Example 2: Knee Replacement

An 86-year-old farmer had knee replacement surgery.  After a stint in a transitional care facility, he returned home to the farm with his petite 84-year-old wife. Here is some of the AT that helped bridge the gap:

  • Walker
  • Seat assist
  • Bed rail
  • Reacher
  • Sock aid
  • Long-handled shoehorn
  • Tub transfer bench
  • Handheld shower
  • Long-handled sponge
  • Raised toilet seat
  • Toilet safety frame

Example 3: Laryngitis

Laryngitis strikes for 2 weeks.  Work goes on.  AT helped bridge the gap.

You may not need to buy anything!

Loaner equipment is available from several service providers across North Dakota.  These loans are often low-cost or even free!  Your local senior center, church, or disability-rights organization may also have an equipment loan closet from which you can borrow.

ND Assistive

6-week short term loans of assistive technology devices such as smart home devices (smart plugs, smart cameras, etc.), caregiver pager systems, seat assists, medication reminder systems, voice amplifiers, etc.

Contact ND Assistive at (800) 895-4728 or for more information.

North Dakota Association for the Disabled

3-month loans of durable medical equipment such as bed rails, raised toilet seats, toilet safety frames, commodes, shower chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, canes, reachers, and even sock aids. NDAD also has portable ramps and 2 accessible vans available for loan.

Contact NDAD at (800) 532-6323 for more information.

Easter Seals Goodwill ND

Up to 6-month loans of durable medical equipment such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs, etc.

Contact your local Easter Seals office for more information.

Freedom Resource Center

Short-term loans of temporary ramps.

Contact Jerry Christianson, Accessibility Specialist at Freedom Resource Center, at (701) 478-0459 for more information.

HERO Fargo

Short-term loans of knee walkers. Sells low-priced refurbished durable medical equipment.

Contact HERO at (701) 212-1921 for more information.

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