It is not very common to have multiple team members reach milestone work anniversaries; however, North Dakota Assistive is proud to share that four of our staff have reached their five year anniversary! When asked about their favorite assistive technology, they were happy to share devices that improve people’s lives.

Smiling Tami Ternes pointing to a sign she is holding that says call us 800-895-4728

Tami Ternes, Assistive Technology Consultant

Tami Ternes is an Assistive Technology Consultant for ND Assistive in the Bismarck demonstration center. She shares, “It excites me to know that just in the last six years as an Assistive Technology Consultant, I have watched assistive technology constantly advancing. These constant advancements continue to open new doors for people with limited vision, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or any other condition that limits their ability to succeed. So, it is hard to pick just one favorite device for this reason. But if I would have to pick one thing that I think everyone at some point can benefit from is utilizing the free accessibility features built into our everyday computers and smart devices.” These features are designed to assist people in tailoring each device to one’s unique needs. When asked why Tami enjoys working at ND Assistive, she shared, “Assistive Technology provides hope. I love exploring alternatives and new possibilities to overcome the daily difficulties and barriers that families and individuals face.”


Smiling Pam Posey hugging her son

Pam Posey with her son.

Pam Posey is the Assistive Technology Program Coordinator for ND Assistive in the Fargo demonstration center. When asked which assistive device was Pam’s favorite, she shared, “There are so many wonderful devices, but my favorite would have to be the Freedom Alert. With this device, you program in the phone numbers of people that you would reach out to if you have a fall or are feeling ill. When needing help, the person can press the button on the little pendant they wear around their neck or wrist or clip it to their belt. Once the alert button is activated, it connects with their pre-set contacts. These emergency pendant devices provide independence for the vulnerable person living at home alone and peace of mind for family and friends.”  When asked why Pam enjoys working at ND Assistive, she responded, “I love helping people!”


Roxanne Wells smiling being surrounded by family members.

Roxanne Wells with her family.

Roxanne Wells is the Assistive Technology Technician for ND Assistive in Fargo. She chose the Comfort Duett as her favorite device in our demonstration center. This device is an easy-to-use hearing amplifier that helps you hear every word loud and clear, whether at a lively family dinner, chatting on the phone, or watching TV. Roxanne knows this equipment is life-changing for people who have felt left out of conversations for years. She exclaims, “The Comfort Duett is so easy to use!” Roxanne shares, “I enjoy working at ND Assistive because it puts me on the path to people that will benefit from the devices and services we can provide for them.”


Annette Goehring smiling holding grandbaby

Annette Goehring holding her grandbaby.

Annette Goehring is an Assistive Technology Consultant for ND Assistive in Bismarck. She enjoys demonstrating her favorite Assistive Technology device called the SIMPL Wander Alert Door and Motion Alarm Kit. Annette explains, “Not a day goes by that I don’t receive a call, an email, or an in-person visit from someone who has a loved one they are caring for that has dementia. They’re looking for help in managing that challenging responsibility. These tiny, inexpensive devices can alert the caregiver if their loved one is wandering or eloping the home. This affordable device can provide peace of mind to caregivers.” When asked why Annette enjoys working at ND Assistive, she didn’t hesitate to share, “This job is so rewarding because I love helping people!”

ND Assistive celebrates these four ladies’ combined years of service. More North Dakotans receive the right assistive technology because of their expertise.

If you or someone you know are struggling to stay at home safely, let our team begin to problem solve by calling 800-895-4728. You can also investigate all of our programs and services at

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