Per the State of North Dakota Proclamation from the office of Governor Doug Burgum, we are excited to share that Wednesday, April 6, 2022, is North Dakota Assistive Technology Awareness Day.

Great Seal of the State of North Dakota

The Great Seal of the State of North Dakota

When asked, the general public often will share that they have never heard of our nonprofit organization.  The staff at North Dakota Assistive have a big job ahead, to increase public awareness throughout rural communities across the state.

This Proclamation by our Governor and the planned celebration of a group photo on April 6th will help increase awareness of our nonprofit’s services and programs.  With the help of this proclamation, we hope there will be more conversations among families and co-workers regarding how assistive technology can help people of all ages


Milton Ota is a perfect example of someone who has benefited from North Dakota Assistive’s programs as he received a Possibilities Grant.  Since he was born blind, this grant helped him purchase a refreshable Braille display, which helps those with no vision to navigate a computer.  As a consultant for businesses to make sure their site is fully accessible, Milton is now able to check coding and complete maintenance for multiple websites.  He shares, “I also use a screen reader which allows me to surf the web like everybody else.”  He hopes more people will be aware of this nonprofit, “so others can gain the skills and knowledge about assistive technology.”  He encourages everyone to spread the word so that more people will have an idea of what assistive devices are out there.

Picture of Milton Ota

Milton Ota







Assistive Technology Consultants from both demonstration centers in Fargo and Bismarck get feedback from clients who have received assistive devices through ND Assistive.   Clients or their family caregivers are often heard saying, “This equipment has changed our lives.” and “I wish we had known about ND Assistive sooner.”

Jeannie Krull, Program Director at ND Assistive sums it up well, “For people with disabilities, assistive technology is the key to aging in place, having success at school and work, and thriving in life independently and safely. Yet, so many people don’t even know what they are missing! Days like Assistive Technology Awareness Day can really help spread the word of the amazing possibilities of assistive technology! Thank you, Governor Burgum for making this possible!”

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