Congratulations, Jerry Christiansen, for being chosen as an Assistive Technology Champion! Jerry is an Accessibility Specialist at Freedom Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc. in Fargo, ND.

Jeannie Krull, Program Director at ND Assistive, shares, “Jerry has been a giant supporter of assistive technology and an advocate for people with disabilities for decades. He always connects people to ND Assistive and tells our nonprofit’s story to anyone who will listen. Jerry makes sure his coworkers at Freedom Resource Center know about ND Assistive’s services. He is always there to help the team at ND Assistive with ADA and accessibility questions.”

Staff from Freedom Resource Center and North Dakota Assistive celebrating Jerry Christiansen being chosen Assistive Technology Champion 2022

Jerry Christiansen received Assistive Technology Champion Recognition at the Freedom Resource Center in Fargo

Jerry Christiansen has worked for Freedom Resource Center since 2014.  One of Jerry’s roles is working with the center’s Temporary Ramp Program, which offers a temporary ramp free of charge for people with disabilities. Executive Director Angie Bosch shares, “Jerry has a big heart and always asks how he can help. Being super handy, Jerry installs ramps and can also fix and repair equipment.” He is knowledgeable regarding accessibility issues for individuals in their own homes and where people struggle out in public settings. Angie reports, “Jerry believes the rights of accessibility for individuals with a disability are the same as everyone else. His goal is to find a way to fix a problem.”

Jerry is an expert regarding Americans with Disability Act (ADA) codes and which Assistive Technology might enhance an individual’s independence. He is aware of resources that can help meet the needs of those struggling with a disability. Jerry knows which ramp vendors to call on for each project. Jerry will go on-site, take measurements, and offer solutions for the next steps when a call comes in. If a permanent ramp is needed, Jerry has a list of appropriate contractors. Clients who have received a complimentary ramp were thrilled to be able to come home after an injury. Others are appreciative of no longer being confined in their home.

Jerry is one of two professionals recognized on April 6, 2022, when the North Dakota Governor’s office proclaimed this date to be Assistive Technology Awareness Day. The other professional was an Occupational Therapist from Bismarck, Scott Kaubisch.

Thank you, Jerry, for making a difference in people’s lives!

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