Picture of two women on a couch smiling

Beth Bakke Stenehjem and Tami Ternes

Last winter, ND Assistive was contacted by the North Dakota Brain Injury Network (NDBIN) regarding showcasing our services and the benefits of assistive technology in a video format for the people served by NDBIN. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the video below. This video includes footage from both of our centers in Mandan and Fargo and was shot and produced by NDBIN, Center for Rural Health. It’s part of a project called Provider’s Perspective located in the Resource Directory section of their website, which also features several other companies.

We are so very grateful for the time and efforts of NDBIN, specifically Rebecca Quinn and Carly Endres, in showcasing our services in this beautiful video.  If you know of someone with a brain injury that needs help in any aspect of his/her life, please check out the ND Brain injury Network Website for more information or contact them at 1-855-866-1884 or info@ndbin.org.



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