Since April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we wanted to share a few highlights before May rolls around. Reva Kautz, Marketing Director at ND Assistive, is supporting the 2022 Race for Parkinson’s as a volunteer at the registration table on Saturday, April 30th. This year marks the 12th Annual Race for Parkinson’s, the Bismarck Parkinson’s Support Group’s largest fundraiser.

woman standing outside near brick wall wearing 2022 Race for Parkinson's fundraiser shirt that is white with maroon and grey logo with runners

Marketing Director at ND Assistive wearing the 12th Annual Race for Parkinson’s 2022 shirt.

North Dakota Assistive has been researching and brainstorming solutions for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease for many years. Our Assistive Technology Consultants recommend items for those who struggle to eat independently due to tremors, safety equipment for mobility concerns, devices to amplify one’s voice, and medication reminders since people with Parkinson’s take pills frequently.

We are excited to now have walking sticks in our Bismarck demonstration center because of the new Parkinson’s Grant Program facilitated by Bismarck Parkinson’s Support Group. Walking sticks are an excellent option for those with Parkinson’s because they improve posture, confidence, and stability, which leads to better balance. Many people with a disability refuse to use a walker or cane because of the stigma of “looking old” however, walking sticks are cool!

lady and man walking on a wooded path both using walk sticks

Walking Sticks work great outside.

Should you know someone who would like to try walking sticks before buying them, contact our team at ND Assistive to schedule a demonstration. For North Dakotans affected by Parkinson’s Disease, you can also request to be considered for Bismarck Parkinson’s Support Group’s grant by finding the short application on their website or their Facebook page.


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