Father’s Day is coming Sunday, June 19th, and the team at North Dakota Assistive would like to help you remember the special man in your life.

When brainstorming for a gift this year, consider your father’s hobbies and interests.  Do not just buy dad another tie for his collection.  If your elderly father struggles to hold playing cards due to arthritis or

neuropathy while playing pinochle or whist, there are simple devices or tools to help.  These tools assist someone to enjoy their favorite game, even if they can no longer hold their cards.  This cardholder is also versatile and can hold recipes or other game pieces.  Notice that large print playing cards might allow the person with low vision to continue to play a beloved game with his family and friends.

What if dad loves to fish but can no longer hold the pole.  Did you know there are many types of adapted fishing poles?  Almost every sport or outdoor activity can be adapted so people with disabilities can participate.  Using special equipment, access to outdoor activities can be made available to all.

Many dads’ favorite pastime is watching sports and other TV programming—some struggle to find the right buttons on their tiny TV remote.  ND Assistive has helped families find the best universal remote that simplifies the tasks of changing the channel or volume.

Suppose your dad is hard of hearing, and the TV volume overtakes the whole house.  In that case, our Assistive Technology Consultants can recommend various solutions to make watching TV enjoyable for all who are in the room.

You still have time to research online and order a great gift for your dad.  A present that will not only be practical but also appreciated.  If you need some ideas that will match your dad’s specific needs or challenges, call our team at ND Assistive at 800-895-4728.

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