Motherhood is not for the weak. When you become a mom, you have more respect for your own mother.

A woman’s life drastically changes when she brings her infant home. New moms have a lot of unnecessary stress because they have high expectations since they want everything to be safe, clean, and perfect. The team at ND Assistive honors the mother of a child with a disability. Having a baby with a physical or developmental disability is a situation that most haven’t planned or prepared for. Parents are struggling to find solutions to their unique child’s needs. Our nonprofit offers hope and help to families who need assistive technology devices to improve the lives of both caregivers and individuals with a disability.   Our team recommends different equipment and applications when a child has sensory or communication challenges. The Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is available to help with early intervention and guide parents through the maze of special education and other related services. A family can find details about North Dakota’s Early Intervention Program through their website.

A mother’s job is not always easier when their kids are older. Many parents struggle when their teenager is transitioning out from the school system where they had a team who created their child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). ND Assistive may be able to provide assistive technology to allow that child with a disability, who is no longer collaborating with a team of professionals from the school district, to continue to learn, play and possibly consider employment.

Besides being the household manager who pays the bills, coordinates family appointments, and plans meals, mothers are typically the caregiver of the family. Many women feel sandwiched between taking care of children and elderly parents. North Dakota Assistive offers many options to assist adult daughters so they can worry less about a frail parent. Our Assistive Technology consultants suggest solutions for those caring for elderly parents, including medication reminders, video communication devices, and emergency pendants. We can assist caregivers with monitoring those they love with security cameras and alarm systems.

Some grandmothers start motherhood over and raise their grandchildren.   Based on a fact sheet from, over 3,300 grandparents in North Dakota are responsible for their grandchildren who live with them. Over 9,000 children under 18 live with grandma or another relative in our state.  Our nonprofit supports caregivers of all ages, and if we are not the right solution to a challenge, we refer to other organizations who can help.

You never stop being a mom. Even if you are 94 and your child is 74. Moms still care and want to be involved in their children and grandchildren’s lives. So give your mother some special attention this weekend. Please send a card, have flowers delivered, or delight her with an unexpected gift. ND Assistive can offer great gift ideas to make life easier for your mom. There are magnet jewelry clasps so she can wear her necklaces again. Get her a raised garden or consider planting one vegetable per pot for her patio. If you live near this remarkable lady, make her a meal, do the dishes and at the very least, give her a big hug and share your appreciation for all she has contributed to your life.

The North Dakota Assistive staff would like to thank our moms, including Shirley, Vernita, Sandy, Agnes, Jackie, Ginnie, Becky, and Alice. And to all the other great mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

smiling elderly mother in blue sweater with smiling daughter in red coat

Mom Alice and Annette

smiling picture of mom in colorful blouse holding smiling little girl in denim dress

Mom, Jackie and Courtney as a child

Smiling mom hugging smiling son in red graduation gown and cap who is hugging smiling grandma wearing yellow

Gerri with son Jared and her mom Jackie

Smiling mother wearing black blouse and white corsage

Shiela’s mom Agnes

smiling daughter hugging smiling mom

Reva and mom Shirley

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