Jamis from Minnesota STAR and Courtney from North Dakota Assistive guide you through a one-hour journey into accessible gardening. Learn about key considerations for creating a sensory garden that delights and calms, inclusive design elements, and assistive tools and strategies to enable everyone to nurture nature.



Part 1: Sensory Garden https://ndassistive.org/wp-content/up…


Part 2: Adaptive Garden Tools with Resource Links https://ndassistive.org/wp-content/up…

Topic Resource Direct Links

0:00 Accessible Gardening INTRO

4:06 What is a Sensory Garden

7:27 The Sensory Experience

10:30 Designing for Sight

12:07 Planting for Sight

14:09 Designing for Smell

15:19 Planting for Smell

17:52 Designing for Sound

18:42 Planting for Sound

20:13 Designing and Planting for Touch

22:29 Designing and Planting for Taste

24:08 Developing the Sensory Garden Layout

25:48 Designing with Accessibility in Mind

27:12 Container Gardening

28:38 Raised Bed Gardening

30:33 Vertical Gardening

32:00 Resources for Sensory Gardens

33:37 Adaptive Tools for Accessible Gardening 


34:36 Organize and Maintain Tools

37:20 Keep Tools Nearby

40:17 Reduce Strain on Knees

43:15 Add-on Grips for your Existing Garden Tools

46:38 Active Hand Grip Aid

47:54 Ergonomic Garden Tools

49:13 Easi Grip Garden Tools

51:01 Yard Butler Long-Handled Garden Tools

52:24 Planting Helpers

55:29 Four Ways to Make Your Garden Hose Easier to Use

57:14 Garden Hoses

57:57 Two Inexpensive Ways Options to be Less Hands-On for Watering

58:38 Two Ways to Water Difficult-to-Reach Plants

59:16 DIY Adapted Outdoor Plant Watering Wand Holder

1:00:07 Water Timers

1:00:37 Smart Irrigation Systems

1:01:25 How We Can Help You & Contact Info

New in our Loan Library!

     Rolling garden caddy

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     Adaptive Garden Tools

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     Yard Butler Rocket Weeder

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Arm support cuff for adaptive gardening tools.
     Arm Support Cuff

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