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Web & Document Accessibility Training

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About the Training

One of the requirements of each Assistive Technology Act Program is to provide training in at least one of the areas of Information and Communication Technology. To start this endeavor, we will first be addressing electronic document accessibility.  Thanks to Minnesota’s State AT Act program, MN STAR, and the MN State Office of Accessibility, we are able to present you with seven modules on Microsoft Word Accessibility.  All artwork and presentations are the property of the state of MN.
These presentations are designed to be interactive, and self-paced. These training modules are absolutely free; however, please fill out the required survey below for our federal data submission.

Required Survey

Please fill out this survey for our federal data requirements.

Document Accessibility Training Modules: Microsoft Word

Module 1: Intro to Accessible Documents

Module 2: Working with Styles

Module 3: Working with Colors

Module 4: Formatting with Columns, Hyperlinks, & Objects

Module 5: Working with Tables

Module 6: Document Basics & Accessibility Checker

Module 7: Converting Word Documents to PDF


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