Aided Language Stimulation Video Screen Capture
Recently I attended a webinar from Saltillo, which had a great video for teachers and parents explaining Aided Language Stimulation  I have been sharing it with my parents and teachers quite a bit lately, so I thought it might be time to “blog it”.

Aided Language Stimulation is a researched based type of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) intervention that has been around for decades.  Basically, with this strategy, the communication partner (i.e. mom, dad, teacher, friend, etc.) uses the AAC device of the child with the disability along with verbal speech to communicate with the child.  This modeling of the communication system in many cases can build a strong communication foundation and can encourage the child with the communication disorder to use the device.   AAC Language Lab has a great handout to explain this strategy with references.

A couple years ago, speech-language pathologist, Christopher Bugaj made this wonderful video that explains in an easy to understand cartoon how and why this strategy can work.  This video also makes it simple enough for younger siblings to understand the strategy as well. Great Work, Chris, and thanks for making this available!

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