AudioNote 2 screenshot. Screen says Math Notes, Make sure you do your math homework page 4-6 Evens, photo of Assistive brochure
AudioNote has been around for a long time and works similarly to the Livescribe Echo SmartPen in that it syncs what is being written with what is heard in the classroom, doctor’s office, etc.. When you want to hear what was said the moment you wrote a particular sentence or doodle on the page, you simply hit Play, and then touch the word, mark, or picture with your finger/stylus. You can then go back and fill in the notes you missed if you desire.

Pictures of PowerPoint slides, white board info, or other photos can be inserted to bring even more meaning to your notes.  You can use typing, your finger, or a stylus for input and save all of your documents in a nice folder/subfolder system.  The notes can be saved as pdfs and emailed, printed, and uploaded.  The audio recordings can also be saved, emailed and uploaded.

What is so nice about AudioNote versus a typical recording app is that the written word, photo, mark, or doodle gives you a referent to where something important might be on the recording.  For example, a teacher might say, “this is important for you to know for the test,” or a doctor might say, “here are your instructions for this medication”.  You would then make a big star or write a key word as they are speaking, so all you would have to do later is tap and listen to just that part of the recording, not the entire thing.

AudioNote 2 is an upgrade to this AudioNote app and according to the company, it brings the following new features:

  • Higher quality recordings,
  • A noise reduction filter,
  • The ability to import pre-recorded audio,
  • Time of day time stamps, and
  • A yearly fee of $6.99 versus the previous one-time charge.

From what I can tell from Luminant’s website, AudioNote 2 is only available for Mac and iOS at present.  We have the AudioNote app available on an iPad for demo and rent. Please contact us at 1-800-895-4728 or

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