Friends of North Dakota Assistive gather in the Bismarck office to celebrate state and national Assistive Technology Awareness Day.
When someone visits us at one of our demonstration centers and discovers the possibilities that come with the assistive devices we show them, we often hear a phrase that kind of breaks our hearts. People say, “If only I’d have known about this when …” and they’ll reflect on a loved one who they wish would have met with us while they were alive.    We think about all the people who could benefit from spending a few minutes with us to learn about all the tools that can help them thrive. And that drives us to get better at creating awareness about who we are, what we do, and the devices that positively change lives.     A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Assistive Technology Awareness Day as proclaimed nationally and by Governor Burgum in North Dakota. As I reflect on what that means, I cannot help but think about how vital awareness is to what we do. We must invest time and energy into helping people recognize what assistive devices can do for them, and how our incredible and wise team can demonstrate how to use them 
Announcing our 2024 Assistive Technology Champions Beth Olson and Trevor Vannett. Each are pictured with executive director Mike Chaussee as he presents them with plaques commemorating their hard work and dedication.
There are three people I’d like to recognize for their efforts in spreading awareness about North Dakota Assistive and assistive tools. On AT Awareness Day we recognized Beth Olson from Maddock and Trevor Vannett of Bismarck as AT Champions for their exceptional dedication and tireless efforts to educate and demonstrate the power of assistive technology. Beth is one of our volunteer ambassadors, and in her program manager role with the Alzheimer’s Association she shares with people she meets about the benefits of AT and will often send people our way. Trevor is a recognized and staunch advocate for many things, including AT. He uses many devices himself as he strives to live as independently as possible. They are big difference makers in their communities, and we are blessed to have met and worked with them.  
I’d also like to commend and thank our marketing director, Tom Gerhardt, who came to us with a passion for helping people. He immediately realized that we needed a brighter and broader presence. This email is his work. Our budding social media presence is his work. Heck, the improvement in how we recognized Beth and Trevor is his work. We hope you’ll begin to see us and hear from us more and more because our ability to help people relies on their knowledge that help exists and that we are here to provide it. 
State and national Assistive Technology Awareness Day official proclamation.
Trevor Vannett smiles while visiting with friends gathered to celebrate Assistive Technology Awareness Day in the Bismarck office April 17th.
Beth Olson holds a plaque honoring her as a 2024 Assistive Technology Awareness Champion. The award was presented by executive director Mike Chaussee, who is standing by her side.
AT Technician Krista Burman demonstrates a Brava smart oven by baking cookies at our open house.
Tom Gerhardt and Mike Chaussee join the cast of North Dakota Today on KFYR-TV to celebrate Assistive Technology Awareness Day.
Mike Chaussee presents Trevor Vannett with a plaque honoring him as a 2024 Assistive Technology Champion.
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