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Phone Program Offers Glimmer of Hope

When someone contacts ND Assistive’s Roxanne Wells, they’re greeted with a genuine smile and a sprinkle of optimism. When they ask her about the program she works with most often, she adds in a glimmer of hope. That glimmer of hope is what drives Roxanne’s passion...

Safety First: Helping Loved Ones At Home

There were tears in our office today. Some of sadness, and some of joy. It happens quite often at North Dakota Assistive. Family members hear about us and about our consultants’ abilities to find the right assistive technology to help their loved ones remain...

The Search for Solutions Made Easier

When Delbert and Peggy visited our HomeFirst center a couple of weeks ago, it really struck me how dramatic hearing loss can be, not only for the person affected by it, but for those living with that person. Peggy, who hears quite well, grew frustrated throughout...

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