ClaroPDF Pro Sample of text to speech with highlighting and text entry
I have been looking for an app that will take a picture of a form or worksheet, convert it to text, leave it in its current format, have an option to read the text aloud, AND allow you to write, type, or use speech recognition within the document. Whew!! And, no, I do not think that I am asking for a lot and guess what?! Claro PDF Pro does all of that and more!

This full-featured app offers a lot of bang for not a lot of buck.  After you take a picture of a document, you can convert it to text with the onboard OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine while keeping the document looking like the original!  After this process, you can touch the document where you would like it to read aloud.  Then you can use a stylus to write the answer or mark up the document, use the keyboard to type the answers, or use speech recognition to enter text within the document. You can also highlight the text with various color highlighters, circle areas of importance, and add comments.

You can see in my picture above that the app even works well on my daughter’s folded, not perfectly flat worksheet. The video below does a great job demonstrating how the app works.

With the $6.99 price of the iOS version of the app, you get 5000 credits, which allows you to convert up to 5000 photos to text.  For $3.99 more, you can purchase another 5000 pages.  There is an Android version of the app now; however, from what I can tell it does not work the same or have the same features.

To schedule a demo or rent an iPad with the app, please contact us at 1-800-895-4728 or

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