ND Assistive offers 2 different financing program options for ND residents with disabilities to purchase assistive technology (AT).  In my blog last month, I covered how our Possibilities grant program is available to assist with funding assistive technology.  ND Assistive’s Assistive Technology Financial Loan Program (ATFLP) aims to provide another financing option for those in need of assistive technology.

What does the program offer?

  • 2% fixed interest rate to make it easier for people with disabilities to get the AT they need
  • Flexible loan terms and program flexibility to make what may seem out of reach financially affordable
  • Individual consideration if there is a poor credit history
  • Loans up to $50,000

Who is eligible?

  • Applicant must be a person with a disability, a family member, or an approved representative of a person with a disability
  • Applicant must also demonstrate the ability to repay a loan
  • The end-user of the AT loan applied for must be a North Dakota resident

What can be purchased?

  • All types of assistive technology devices such as:
    • Speech output communication devices
    • Hearing aids and assistive listening devices
    • Low vision devices such as electronic magnifiers
    • Computers/tablets with disability-related software and/or hardware
    • Manual or motorized wheelchairs and scooters
    • Adapted vehicles
    • Home modifications (must own the home) such as walk-in showers and ramps
    • Environmental control systems such as Smart Home Devices
  • Assessments
  • Training to use the AT purchased
  • Used AT devices as long as they are in good working order
  • Co-Payments for assistive technology and durable medical equipment

How do I apply for a Loan?

Contact us for an application and to learn more about current program requirements at 800.895.4728, or by email at info@ndassistive.org.


Financial Loan Success Story

Picture of Nathan beside his handicapped accessible vehicle

Nathan Leier, who has Friederichs’s ataxia, did lots of research to find the right accessible vehicle for him.  He learned that accessible vehicles are quite expensive and that there were very limited options to borrow money for the purchase of adaptive equipment.  ND Assistive’s Financial Loan program allowed Nathan to purchase an adaptive vehicle of his choice! With affordable and flexible borrowing options, Nathan is now able to have his own support for independent community living.  When asked, Nathan stated, “ND Assistive makes the application process easy and everyone is so caring and helpful in the process.”

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