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Meet the Newest Team Member to ND Assistive

We proudly announce a new member to our team. Name:  Shannon Bozovsky Started at ND Assistive: May 2021 Job Title: Assistive Technology Consultant – Fargo Office Hometown:  Born and raised in Fargo, ND Family: All of my immediate family live in Fargo. I...

Alexa Care Hub: A New Feature To Remotely Check In On Your Loved Ones

We have written several blogs on the Amazon Alexa device and how its users can use it.  This device can keep up with the news, play music, create a smart home, make phone calls with Alexa, or even video and drop-in calls.  And during the COVID-19...

Google Tools: Teacher and Student Tutorials

Going back to school for 2020-21 will be looking different for so many students and teachers.  Many school districts will be incorporating some type of remote learning and if not, they are probably prepared to be able to pivot to distance learning at the last...

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