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Going back to school for 2020-21 will be looking different for so many students and teachers.  Many school districts will be incorporating some type of remote learning and if not, they are probably prepared to be able to pivot to distance learning at the last minute due to COVID-19.

One of the biggest challenges with virtual learning is everyone’s different levels of knowledge of how to use some of these educational technology tools.

This handy all in one place document was found on Facebook so I had to share!  For Google users, this could be a helpful resource tool to look up “how to” on Google apps and other commonly used apps by educators for both the teacher and student/parent.

From a student or parent looking up how to create a folder or how to submit/resubmit an assignment to a teacher wanting to know how to add a video or use closed captioning it’s all located here:


These technology resources are powerful tools for both in the classroom and distance learning.

Check them out!



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