P4P Race Day 2013Yup, we have you on speed dial! You are THAT good at raising funds for people in need of assistive technology (AT).  To date you have raised over $68,000, and because of that, 55 people in 25 counties of North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota have received AT………and we still have one more funding round to give away even more AT before the next race!

Do you want to know if the dollars you have raised has changed lives?  Just ask Isaiah:

“The recent purchased stairlift made available independent options that many today take for granted. A simple task such as doing your laundry, which was located on a upper level of [my home] became an impossibility when I was unable to climb stairs. For myself, the assistance provided by “Pedaling for Possibilities” opened up options in my life that I thought were lost. Don’t get me wrong? I never was excited about doing my laundry before my illness manifested; however, I always had the option.

Just as l am determined to overcome the debilitating effects of my illness, I saw Pedaling for Possibilities work on my behalf for this equipment. My options of independence and opened access to my home has changed with the new stair lift. Just think, I am one more step closer to having my life back because Pedaling for Possibilities got involved in my life. Thank You!”

We have even more stories from Susan, Chris, Bryant, Val and Brenda, which tell of how P4P funds, you raised, changed their lives. Please help us to change even more lives by joining or starting a bike team for the 4th Annual IPAT Pedaling for Possibilities Stationary Bike Race Fundraiser on February 8, 2014 from 1pm to 6pm at NDSU.  For Bike team packets or more information on this fun, rewarding event visit our P4P website or call 1-800-895-4728.   We would love to have you!

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