Computer/tablet access can be difficult for people with Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, arthritis, and other physical disabilities, so at IPAT we are always looking for new and better assistive technologies to aid in this endeavor.  Recently we tried the AdMouse, a plug’n’play mouse from Branco.

This adapted pointing device allows one to perform all of the same functions of a traditional mouse by pushing membrane keys housed within a built-in keyguard. In addition, the AdMouse provides access to on-board cursor speed control and an alarm to alert someone when you are having difficulty. We found the light touch keys easy to push, and we really liked the tactile and auditory feedback.

This device has a small footprint and a built-in incline to aid with access; however, this incline is not adjustable and may not work for everyone.

The AdMouse is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows. With Android, I was even able to swipe between pages of apps with the “Hold” button feature.  They are currently working on a Bluetooth model that will be wireless and will work with iOS (Apple) mobile devices.

What We Like

  • Ease of use
  • Plug/Play-no software needed
  • Tough plastic
  • Built-in keyguard
  • Raised plastic outline to help identify the arrow keys
  • Keys for drag, double click, and right click
  • Lights and beeps to notify of key activation
  • Built-in speed control
  • Compatibility with Android, Windows and Macintosh

What We Wish

  • Adjustable height incline
  • iOS Compatibility


In summary, the AdMouse is definitely worthy of consideration when looking for a pointing solution for someone with tremors or one who has difficulty with fine motor control.

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