Some of the latest and greatest AT devices you just have to see to believe. The OBI Self-Feeding System is one of those devices. It’s basically a robotic arm that helps people who lack upper extremity function to eat at the table with very little assistance from someone else. We’re excited to share this with you. The video is captioned and guides you through how to program and use the device and where you can find it.

OBI self-feeding device with white arm and food in compartments and spoon.


If you are unable to view the video, the description of features below should help you understand how it works and how helpful it can be:

– Lightweight and portable (under 7 lbs.).
– Comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of eating time when fully charged.
– Operational with switch controls. The switch ports are 3.5 mm barrel jack (headphone jack) connectors, which makes OBI compatible with a variety of switches on the market – even Sip-and-Puff attachments.
– Constructed of FDA compliant food-grade & BPA free plastic
– Easy to clean
– Easily programmable feeder remembers your settings
– Works with all food and liquids when prepared to a proper size
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