Renny Home-The Smart Home Phone & Ringer

Renny Home-The Smart Home Phone & Ringer

Many people have rid themselves of their landlines and are just going wireless. We did this a few years ago when we realized that the only reason we were ever using our landline was…well, we weren’t…at all!  The only people who called us were telemarketers.  After  two weeks of leaving our landline behind, we realized that we were indeed using it. However, it was only to alert each other and our kids to answer their darn cell phones because they were always on mute after being at work or school. Although we eventually got in the habit of un-muting our phones, many people with cognitive disorders such as attention and memory loss have a great difficulty with this task.

Enter the Renny – Smart Home Phone & Ringers.  These devices automatically connect wirelessly to your cell phone when you walk in your front door. When a phone call comes in, regardless if you are on mute, they emit a loud ringing sound similar to your old landline telephone.

All three models of the Rennys connect to a cellphone via Bluetooth.  Once paired, they automatically link when in range, which according to the website is up to 200+ feet on the top model! Two of the three models will connect with two phones, so some families may need two devices. See the comparison chart for the models at their website.

The Renny devices boast other features, as well, such as:

  • Talking Caller ID which could be great for someone who is blind or has low vision,
  • Audible Alerts for texts and emails,
  • Battery back up for power outages,
  • The top two models can be used as a hands-free device, and
  • All have the ability to stream  music.

Please see the video below for a dem0 of how the product works. We are very anxious to try the Rennys and have contacted the manufacturer for a demo unit.  We will post once again we are able to try the product.


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