Are you ready to create new assistive technology possibilities for people in need?  If so, Saturday, February 8, 2014 is the date to save!   The 4th Annual IPAT Pedaling for Possibilities Stationary Bike Race Fundraiser, which has raised over $68,000 since its inception, will be held again at the NDSU Wallman Wellness Center from 1-6pm.  Bike teams and sponsors are needed to raise dollars and ride to help people like Brenda who has significant vision loss.

Because of dollars from the IPAT Pedaling for Possibilities fund, Brenda received an ID Mate Summit, which reads aloud the names of items when the bar code is scanned, and a Ruby, hand-held video magnifier.  These vision tools help her to do tasks such as;  cooking, shopping, and making phone calls.

Brenda reported,

“It is now possible for me to run the ID Mate over items in the store so it reads out loud what the items are.  I can also use it at home when I go to the freezer or the pantry to find something for dinner or supper.  Then I use my Ruby to read the directions on the box or the can.  I have also found that with the Ruby, I can find a phone number I want and then freeze the picture of the number so I can take it with me to the phone.  This is how I have been making phone calls that aren’t in my memory.”

Brenda told us that her new AT devices help her at work and at home to do things she could not do before. She stated,

“Without each of these devices, I could not be as independent as I am today”.

If you would like to help people like Brenda and many others we have written about in this blog, then start or join a bike team, donate, or become a sponsor to raise dollars to help purchase assistive technology.  Please call 1-800-895-4728 for more information or check out our Pedaling for Possibilities webpage.

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