Do you have trouble filling out worksheets, tests and forms with handwriting due to fine motor issues, arthritis, dysgraphia, or other disabilities?  Is typing easier for you than writing? If you answered “YES” to either of these questions, then Scanwritr might be just what you need.

Just like the Snaptype app that Peggy wrote about last year, the Scanwritr app allows one to take a picture of a form, test or worksheet with their mobile device and type/write anywhere on the document. With Scanwriter, though, you can use it on Android, Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and even Blackberry, which opens it up to almost anyone on a smartphone or tablet.

Scawritr allows use of 3rd party keyboards with word prediction or Swype and even use a device’s built-in voice recognition to fill out your forms. The following are some more features and the video below will show you how it works:

  • Type in forms and change font size, style (bold, italic), and appearance (san serif, serif, color).
  • Write in forms with a stylus or finger and change line size and color.
  • Sign a form right on the dotted line. The app provides a large signature pad to sign and the ability to shrink to fit the signature area.
  • Import forms in PDF, Word, or jpg.
  • Print, fax, or upload your document to the device photo gallery, Google Drive, Kindle, One Note and many more.

What I Like

  • The ability to type in forms with typing, voice recognition, word prediction, and/or 3rd Party keyboards such as Swype.
  • Multi-operating systems
  • The price

What I Wish for the Future

  • The ability to keep typing in a new section without having to save and choose the typing tool again.

How to Get It

Scanwritr is free to try; however, there is a 5 page export limit and your completed forms will have small watermark at the bottom of the page.  For some, this level of functionality may be enough; however, if you need more features you can purchase an upgrade as an in-app purchase with the exception of Blackberry (purchased separately). Scanwritr’s main website has links to all of the platforms.

IPAT has this app available for rent on an iPad or Android device.  Please call 1-800-895-4728 to arrange a loan.

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