picture of Lively Flip PhoneKeeping It Lively!

picture of Lively Flip phone opened

Lively Flip Phone

Through ND Assistive’s Specialized Phone Program, the Jitterbug Flip Phone has been provided to people who enjoy using the flip phone with large buttons and a simple menu that is easily navigated through.

Move on over Jitterbug, there’s a new kid in town, The Lively Flip, from the same makers of Jitterbug.

What caught my eye about the Lively Flip is their claim to a new clear, powerful speaker which enables the user to hear every word, to speak without having to raise their voice, and the ability to use the Lively Flip, hands-free as a speakerphone.

Amazon Alexa is another added option to the Lively Flip that allows users to use their voice to make calls, write texts, check the weather, and much more.  We are excited to try this phone and share our experience with you in a future blog, so please stay tuned.

Other Features

  • Big Buttons, backlit keypad
  • Large Screen
  • 8MP Camera
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Magnifier with flashlight
  • Urgent Response Button
  • Comes in Red or Graphite

If you would like more information about how to receive a new Lively Flip or one of the many other phone options through our Specialized Phone Program, please call 800-895-4728 or send an email to info@ndassistive.org

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