It’s no secret people are spending more and more time on their cell phone and less time living in the moment. For those with disabilities effecting their attention, cell phones and other digital devices can cause distractions that prevent them from focusing when it is very important like at work or school. That is why it is vitally important to utilize Assistive Technology (AT) to stay on task and off the web.

Check out 3, of MANY, great cell phone apps to help block out digital distractions and focus on what’s important!

1. Forest

Plant a seed by setting a goal for a distraction free increment of time. Don’t exit out of the Forest app and the seed that was planted will grow into a tree. Exit out of the app and that seed will die! The ultimate goal is to grow a entire Forest. Once users do, the Forest app creators will donate dollars to organizations who plant real trees!

Picture of Forest App

2. OffTime 

OffTime helps users find balance between their real and digital life by tracking device usage, setting device usage goals, and encouraging device “offtimes”.

Picture of Offtime App

3. Flipd 

Flipd hides social media apps and games for users so that they can stay focused and on-task. The app gives users gentle words of encouragement to meet their distraction free goals. It also features a visual timers so users can watch how much time they have left until they can use their digital device.

Picture of Flipd App


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