Has age diminished your vision, and placed taking medication on your ‘to-do’ list?

This can be a dangerous combination as you can misread a label and medicate incorrectly. Thankfully, there are accessible prescription labels available to help people with low vision/blindness take medications independently and correctly. These labels are available nationwide at all local Rite Aid and Walmart pharmacies, but due to North Dakota law are not available here.

BUT, accessible prescription labels are available via mail order from the following national mail order pharmacies:A prescription bottle with pills spilling out

  1. cvs.com Home Delivery  (audible prescription labels)
  2. Express-Scripts.com/tricare (large print labels)
  3. Walmart Mail Order (audible prescription labels)
  4. Humana Mail Order (audible and Braille prescription labels)
  5. CVS/Caremark PMB Mail Order (audible, large print and Braille prescription labels)
  6. Rite Aid Mail Order (audible, large print and Braille prescription labels)
  7. United Healthcare/OptumRx Mail Order (audible prescription labels)

Depending on your vision loss and skill set, the following options are available:

So, if you use a mail order pharmacy and have vision loss, next time you order, request the accessible label option that best meets your needs.


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